1. I have my dads iPad with a pink filter option, which is tight.

2. I found a weapon.

For real. This is serious business.

For real

Gets me


Taylor looks like Winona Ryder. What a score.

I just can’t get over this. So many girls pretend like they have a resemblance to Winona Ryder, but my girlfriend is a spitting image of her, with better features…. And a better body.

Some house cured salami my co-worker Rob has been working on for about 3 months. It’s a Sicilian salami, cured with black pepper and blood orange peels, and is some of the best Salumi I’ve ever tasted.

I’ve only got about 20 followers and really want to get this blogrolling, tell your friends, tell your kids, tell your pets! I want to start some arguing

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Curing Saucisson Sec, Pastrami, and Rabbit Rillette. All done in house. Sup?

So I’ve got this new idea. I’m sure all your vegans have that one piece of literature you read that made you think, “Why the hell isn’t everyone doing this? It’s too good to be true.” Well, it probably is, send me a link source, or just drop the fact bombs, and I will sort it all out for you. Take care garden heads.

Sorting out the facts: Forks Over Knives ›

This is a specific critique of a vegan movie, “Forks Over Knives”, discrediting, or appropriating much of the information given, and what it all really means. This movie was interesting, it definitely grabbed you with the back stories of sick individuals on the road to recovery, but it also did a good job of shadowing facts, using improper sources, and again, proving nothing. Check it out, get at me kids.

connerxvx asked: Also, if you're too lazy to read a book. watch the documentary "forks over knives", it's about the benefits of a plant-based diet. Sorry, this comment wouldn't fit in my last one.

What I am saying has nothing to do with deficiencies in the vegan diet. I’m positive you can get all those essentials gargling nuts, and stroking salads. But! You are not changing as much as you would like to believe. It is not positive on the environment, you can be just as, if not healthier whilst consuming meats. All of those studies are very broad, biased, and have been challenged by the FDA, Farm Aid (a very positive charity promoting intelligent, well thought out alternatives to the culturally coma inducing veganism), famous chefs such as alice waters, anthony bourdain, eric ripert, daniel bouloud, nvm here just read this link dummy.

theyliveinaparadox asked: Well, now this just proves your ignorant, stupid and DEFIENTLY a cold hearted prick. You want the best for the animals and you don't condone factory farming, but yet they're NOT happy in factory farms and you should know that if you have a blog like this. And this is why you are disgusting - because you feel as if animals are nothing. Sentient beings like animals mean more to me than someone like you ever will. You are filthy, absouletly filthy.

Crazy animal lady, what are you talking about? Your animals are above people you fail to agree with theory is preposterous. You are simply an animal fanatic. That is great. Go live on a farm and fall asleep on hay bails. Don’t eat their products - if you think that is what they want. When you horse whisper does black beauty tell you to stay off his back? I don’t care. I hear a different message. I said I don’t support factory farming, I don’t eat factory raised animals, or their excrement’s. I love animals too. You still mean more to me than a pig. Doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate them fully, and understand the sacrifice made. All I’m saying is quit preaching your trend, it is not as beneficial as you have been led to believe, look into Biodynamic food. It is much more intelligent and thought out than vegan-ism. Maintain your vegan-ism if it is because you truly believe animals don’t want you touching their stuff. That’s cool. But don’t preach it thinking it has some outstanding effects for the environment and your health. Quit stinkin’ up my blog, ya hippy

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